Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Individual Critics #2

Here's some notes I tried to jot down during everyone's speeches:

Nancy (can't remember who she was)
- we are all bi-sexual by nature


-We need to break away from traditional ties
- Nothing inspires like nature
- poetry should be written in the language we use daily
- poets in the future will be obliged to defend their activity opposed to scientists

Poe (Amanda)
To be a successful writer:
- when writing, start with the outcome you want to achieve
- have unity
- brevity should reflect the effect
- melancholy is the most legitimate of tones

Julia Kristeva (Cindy)

semiotic = science of signs
symbolic = domain of judgment and creates repressed writing
semanalysis = dissolves sign, linguistic analysis
intertextuality = every text transformed by other texts

Roland Barthes (Zack pg 1461)

-he is the text
-text is breath and life
-neurosis = gaining pleasure from a text
- let the author be suppressed so that language comes alive

Bakhtin (Dustin pg 1189)

What is the practicality of poetry?
- its impractical
- the written word is based on the spoken
- the novel portrays how dialogue is alive
- example: Beavis and Butthead (hilarious) has levels of tension

Vico (Tristen)

Poetic wisdom came from the simple man
1) Gods (fables)
2) Heroes (images)
3) Man (words agreed upon by aoll the people)

-imagination is the cause of poetic wisdom


Blogger Cindy Kasner said...

I thought that your presebtation on"Jane" was one of the best in the class. I liked that you did 'her' in a classroom type of setting, it was easy to see where you were going and I got a signifcant idea about her and what she is about, way to go! Cindy

November 15, 2004 at 5:11 PM  

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