Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Group #5

As you all are aware of, I was part of group five. I played the characters of Poe, and Jane Tompkins. My group was in charge of psychoanalysis, pop-culture, romantics, and gender/sexualtiy. We decided to incorporate the "dating game" and Freud because it is pop-culture and Freud is all about psychoanalysis. The capitolone credit card scene and Ben's MSU top 100 books were both commercials to incorporate pop-culture as well. We decided to do Survivor because it involves a romantic atmosphere, which is prime for the romantic era. We decided to play various roles throughout the film . We were ourselves, our critics, and authors we never discussed in class like Poe. Let me just say this: working with all of my group members was great and I learned a lot from each of them. Great job guys!


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