Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Group Presentations

Group One: deconstructinists, classical criticism, enlightenment
Presenting: Coffee Talk with Linda Richmond
*All critics encourage to look at the canon in a different way
-Butler-we should favor all sexualities
-Barthes-because the author is dead to the text, he wants Beowulf on the canon
-Hugh-wants the Bible as the canon
-Linda Richmond-wants the complete works of Barbra Strisann(sp?)
-Bhaba-the caonon represents society
-Peacock-no poetry! against construction and post modernism, we should go back to the classics, Uncle Tom's Cabin by Stowe should be in the canon
Group Four: New historisists, poetry, enlightenment, defense of criticism
Judge Judy
(sorry guys, I missed most of your presentation goofing around with the VCR)
Group six: Reader response theory, realism
I loved the personal touch of this group. Their personal interaction with the class made me appreciate what they said and made me listen closely. Now, I want to read Catcher in the Rye(don't laugh, yes, I haven't read it yet) and Crime and Punishment. Listening how their books influenced their lives made me appreciate literature more. Good job guys!
Group two: Feminists, drama, medieval theory, authorship
Jung-wanted feminism included in the play
Tristen-pretended to be a woman
Amanda-represented medieval times
(That's all I remember-sorry I didn't take very good notes)
Group three: novel, reniassance, body
I enjoyed this presentation as well. I though incorporating the Christmas Carol was a marvelous idea. The idea of the combination of all the critics we have discussed is what influences us the most and helps us make wise choices in life. Good job guys!
Overall, I loved all of the presentations. Sorry I didn't have through notes on all of them.


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