Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Individual Presentations

He believes that the statement "The only truth is that there is no truth" is contradictory and false.
Truth exists
"Poets are the legislatiors of the world" -Shelly
Viewed the Pepsi can as a poem because "everything is a text"-Derrida
We need to reform the educational system because 20-30 million people can't read or write
Literature can make us a better person. Wordsworth's "Ode to Mortality" helped him cope with his losses. He could also realte to Keats because poetry connects to us and the generation after us. Most of all, he was influenced by Hugh who believed the more we read, the closer we are to God-we should pick the berries from the page.
Literary criticism helps us lead a well lived life. We are consoled and find solitude in literature. It also allows us to see and understand the world differently. Language allows us to deconstruct and build it back up. Now, she can argue better and is more intelligent.
We learn how to interpret the world around us through mimetics. (Look at Walter Pater on pg 841). Romantics expressions are important and Wordsworths statement holds true "Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings"
Author and reader interaction is important. Without emotion, a work is dry. Passion effects the audience. He doesn't agree with deconstruction because all the facets aren't true. Likes Emerson because the "well lived life" should be focused on the individual and emotion. Man should always be pursuing power.
Reader response is the ultimate criticism. Angel treetoppers rather than star treetoppers because an Angel is more beautiful to look at . We shouldn't be afraid to write what we think.
How do we define Literary Criticism? People say what they want to see. What is the real news? How do we decide what a "well lived life is?" Jonathan Swift's "Modest Proposal" says, " the best way to deal with children is to eat them." Literary criticism shows us the bigger picture and different ways to understand the world around us.
What is a well lived life? Actions change your life and start caring about the world you live in. Literary criticism is life and is a criticism of life-it inspires.
Focused on three aspects that Lit. Crit. has taught her: 1) solving a problems 2) choosing an interpretation 3) how to judge
However, she points out that we should incorporate all interpretations in order to live a well lived life.
Attitude and personality is influenced by lit. crit.
Created a play based on Hitler to demonstrate the heiarchy system
A well lived life is having more understanding. All theories give us a better interpretation.
Ispired by a passage from the "English Patient". Words are powerful tools. Lit. crit. lets us express our beliefs on cultural diversity. We need to take a step back from rhetoric. What are we writing for? Look at individuals for inspiration. What matters is the experiences we have gained.
Objectivity and immersement. How do you know if an author is good if your not immersed in the material?
A well lived life is a well informed life. Reading contributes to our lives by offering us experience. There is no correct way to read a text. Walt Whitman "we are vast and contain multitudes." Reader response is the first level, but it's important to look at all levels of interpretation. We read for fullfillment.
Insired by the book "Lord of the Flies"


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