Wednesday, December 08, 2004

MSU Bookmark

Making adjustments on the bookmark is difficult because their is no right or wrong opinion. However, we all are entitled to our own opinion and therefore I'm going to make a few comments on what I would like seen done with the bookmark. I've only read about a quarter of the books in MSU canon. So, it's hard for me to make drastic changes. I do have a couple suggestions though. First of all, I think that the Bible should be the number one book. Why do I think this? The Bible is the number one read book around the world. It teaches us how to "live the well lived life." The Bible and the word of God is my inspiration. He is the author of the world. Why shouldn't we put his word first? He is that is and he is his word. In addition, the majority of the authors always make reference to the Bible and feed off of it. It seems to me to be their number one influence, why shouldn't it be ours? Secondly, I think we should take "The Art of Memory" off the canon. First of all, I consider it more of a science book than anything. The only influence it has made in my life is that it has given me a short-cut to memorizing things. That's it. It has not influenced my view of the world, nor has it made me understand myself and others like a number of other authors have. I vote to take it off!


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