Thursday, December 09, 2004


I'm going to comment on Tristens website because it completely changed my point of view on a number of things. goes. I appreciate what he said about the war on terror. Up until recently, I have had a negative perspective on the issue. Now, due to the insight of one of my collegues, my own personal opinion that was craving for support, has been enlightened. I've never thought about the war in a Biblical sense. I do read the Bible a lot and it never occured to me that the angels, who were sent from God, created war to spread peace. It made me think that yes, we are doing the right thing in Iraq. Our buisness is their buisness because peace and harmony and the love of God should be granted to all people. The only way that we can achieve peace is to show we care about our freedom as a nation and people of this world. "Power" and "Greed" are roots of evil and I feel that if we can be an independant nation, it's important to show other countries the same. We can't sit back and let the evil things of this world corrupt us. We need to do something about it. This ties into what Nancy's paper topic was about. We need to take action and stop standing around. If no one shows what's right, the entire world will end up fighting against one another for one thing-Power. We aren't in Iraq to show that we are powerful, but we are there for human kind and to erase the evil corruption that has taken place and will expand if we don't do something about it.
On a lighter note, I appreciated what Tristen had to say about literary criticism. I too agree that it is a way to get to the next level of analysis. Now, I don't feel so dumb about saying something without having evidence to prove it. Now I know how to create that evidence to a different level and I "won't feel like someone with a personal opinion without a clue as to why I formed that opinion."
On the issue of abortion: I don't think it's relevant to the class. We are all entitled to our own opinions, but how far you take that opinion without the consideration of your audience in mind, is inconsiderate. I'm not going to say a lot about it because I think the topic has been touched on enough. I do know this-people should be aware of how material affects other people. You need to take your audiences feelings into consideration before you put pictures on the web-sometimes the extreme is not o.k.
With this being said-this has been one of my most precious classes in my college career. I have a deeper analysis of the world and am able to read "everything as a text." It has also changed my view in a more multiculturally. I'm going to leave you with a quote that reminds me why this class is so important. It's by Chris Cullinan, a Professor at Oregon Universtiy:

It is easy to see yourself in company with others like yourself. It is easy to believe by looking out your largest "windows" on the world, that everyone else has the same advantages you do. It is easy to igonore the little windows in the back of the house, and the voices that may intrude upon you from time to time, telling you that not everyone enjoys your panorama."
Thank you and have a wonderful year!


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