Thursday, September 02, 2004


Cool link on Plato:
Hey everyone-welcome to my on-line journal for Eng. 300.
Here's some notes I took the first two days of class that may be helpful:
* Imagination is central part of this class

* Cannon is an authorized collection of work

* Text is anything that can be interpreted (even humans are texts)

*Pater believed literature engages us with experience

*Word is stronger than the sword*

*Literacy and poetry provide comfort like a blankey:)

*The cannon is put together by a group of people and if you will de-constructionists

*Literary Criticism is the study of what we say about Literature -4 parts:
1) Text of imagination- poems, works- you don't have to have a hard copy-that's why
it's text of imagination!
2) Creator of that text- the artist or author ( they are an artifice because it's not real)
3) Reader or Receiver - they create their own experience of the text
4) World - people change as they read text (the setting changes with the creator)
* An artist is like a God because they create
*Make in Greek = "Poesis" = poetry= maker

I was thinking about how people change as they read text (part four of Lit. Crit.). In my oral traditions class we learned a lot about this area-especially whether the written word, or the oral word has a greater affect on an individual. I may be off base here, but I know this ties into what we're discussing in class. Even though people change as they read text, the story also changes when that person passes it on to someone else. So, it's not only the person that is effected in the long run, but also the story. For example, say a person read a story and wanted to tell someone else about it orally. The story they recite isn't going to be exactly the same. Therefore, the reader is somewhat of a creator as well.
I was also thinking of what Dr. Sexson said about the word being like the sword. The word is a sword because anything you say you can't take back. Unlike the written word, you can revise and erase it. Words are the most hurtful thing (I think). Words are very powerful. There are some words that we don't say because their bad, or some words still linger in our heads because maybe someone may have spoken them to us during a fight etc...Also- in the bible it says that Jesus tongue is a two-edged sword in Revelation and other areas. Very interesting. I'll get back to you on that! More later!