Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Platonic dilemma

Here the notes from this morning:

Matt Arnold said: " Literary Criticism is an attitude towards life and how you examine it"

Walter Pater- believes art comes to you by giving you the best quality at the moment

Plato raised three questions about art, which are:
1) false representation
2) art is bad for you
3) Art is false

Wallace Stevens and Plato both believe that fiction is true and useful-it doesn't necessarily have to represent real things

mimetics = reality

mimesis = memetic, evaluate and understand a text that corresponds to the universe

read pg 42!
- Socrates believes the artist can get to your emotions through a power (muse for ex.)

rhapsode = a song

entheos = God is inside you (enthusiastic originated from it)

logos = fact, reason, true

mythos = fable, fiction, story, novels

Theme of Phaedrus is the truth

Theme of Ion is that poetry feeds and waters our passions

In class today we were discussing what pieces of work have made us cry. One book, that I read this summer titled The Five People You Meet In Heaven, made me cry. The book is a story of a man who is on his way to heaven, but before he gets there, he encounters the five people that have affected his life the most. The five people he encounters are: Ruby, his captain in the army, his wife, his dad, and the little girl he died saving. All of these characters had a huge effect on the way he lived his life. Each encounter touched my heart and mad me relate to his life. Him and his Dad didn't get along very well and didn't speak for a number of years. My dad and I are extremely close, and it made me realize that I take him for granted at times. When he meets his wife in heaven, it touched my heart and made me realize how strong love can be. Both of these encounters made me cry because I could relate to them.

I'm also a sucker for animal movies like The Lion King and Land Before Time. Anytime an animal dies, I cry. Mainly because I grew up with animals and they're part of the family. Even though it's not real, I imagine it as if it were.