Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Republic 09/15/04

Class Notes

Read pages 69-71- muy importante! It talks about the idea of censorship and if Plato supports it. It also talks about representation and the thrice removed concept.

Overall, Plato didn't like poets. He thought of them as evil artists that bring up things that aren't pleasant. Moreover, he believed if it's not accurate, it's offensive.

A magician or shaman is referred to as an artist.

Read page 81-82 in Phaedrus - Our memory, according to Plato, is going down hill.
- The great sin is ignorance
Read page 36

anamnesis = remember what you have forgotten
- " You have not discovered a potion for remembering, but for reminding" - Socrates
Plato believed in the spoken word through eye contact

Phonocentriz- central speech, rather than writing

Aristotle vs. Plato
Aristotle- more stylistic, methodical, analyst, talks about p0etry, first formalist of the work itself, created a manual of poetry and how it works ( everything moves toward tragedy in a triangular form)
Plato- looked to the earth, can't separate poetry form its context

Read pg. 93!

When I watched Gladiator for the first time. I was taken back by the special effects. The battle scenes are done well. There was a particular scene when a man gets hit in the head by a war club of some sort. When this man got hit in the head I gasped. I gasped because it looked real. It looked so real we put it in slow-motion. Slow motion, obviously, dramaticized the scene. It made me cringe. I could see how hard the blow was and imagine how it felt. Yuck. By puting the scene in slow-mo ( like said in class) I can look at it because it's a representation and I don't have to experience it myself.