Thursday, October 28, 2004

Here's our class notes from this morning:

Emerson (Brian)-*He's a transcendentalist (sp?)
*He's in search of the great American poet
*Poets are liberating and represent "freedom"
*The focus is on the artist
*"Man hopes and genius creates"
*We need to be writers of the present time
*"Doubt not, but persist"
*His painful secret= man is only half himself, the other half is expression*

Paul Dema(o)n (Becky)-*deconstructionist
*the system of language establishes unity and meaning
*a text is considered stable or unstable
*semeiology = the science of signs or
*philology = historical study of literature or
*texts are interpreted, therefore it's a process
*rhetoric = the art of discovering all the means of persuasion in any given case
**how is persuasion done?
1) invention
2) disposition
3) style
*interpretation is done through metaphors
**** how words mean, but how they mean*****
*repetition is important
*"ignorance of bliss"
*"Anxiety ends up not knowing where we'll end up"

Friedrich von Schiller (Katie)

*"Ode to Joy" was based of Schillers writing
*Wants to free our spirituality
*He loved music. He said " the muses drained me dry"
*"Against stupidity the very Gods themselves use it in vain"
**"In error only is their truth" (know for quiz perhaps!)
-maybe cultivate errors to find freedom

Tsvetan Todorob

*plot is broken up into clauses
*scheme of plot:
x violates Y, therefore y must punish x, therefore, x can't be punished.
y and either violate a law, or x doesn't deserve to be punished-x avoids
*patterns within the sequence is considered the theme
(Tristen commented that history makes up language)