Thursday, December 02, 2004

Critics #4

Butler (Debbie Adams) 2485
-queer theorist
-gender and sexuality are labeled for us
-we shouldn't isolate the sexes

Cleanth Brooks (Murl) 1350
-post colonial
-"poetry is worth teaching"
-the text itself is what matters in Literary Crit.
Stanley Fish (Fishy Foo) Brian
-reader response critic
-the text is inside the reader
Greenblatt (Susan) 2250
-new historicist
-prefers poetics of culture
"the text is history, and history is textual"
-history is linked to language
Dryden (Daniel) 2250
-restoration dramatist
-the bookmark should consist of: The Bible and the Works of John Dryden
Jacques Derrida
-close reader of the text
-movement within the text is associated with new criticism
-everything is textual
-writing is superior to speech
-logocentrism=realism, words
-phonocentrism=speech is superior to writing
-pharmakon=drug, remedy, poison